The critical Millennial career motivators

Millennial career motivators
What is it that makes you feel really motivated now?

Next, I wanted to delve a bit deeper to better understand where the interviewees are at when it comes to considering their current career motivators.

I had recently read this Forbes article and I was interested to test out some of the theory amongst my own interviewee cohort.

In response to this question, my interviewees called out the following:

 – “Passion for what I’m doing, and doing what I enjoy…”

 – “I must align with my employer’s sense of purpose…”

– “ I want to feel that I make a difference to people on an individual level…” [as a coach, this one really resonates with me]

– “I want to be doing things for others / helping others”

– “Learning for the sake of intellectual curiosity

So, making a difference by doing something for others. Interestingly, some of my interviewees working in the Third Sector said that while they “get” their employer’s organisational purpose of making a difference, actually it’s more of a motivator to them as an individual and their career in future, that they make a positive difference to the people immediately around them – colleagues, reports, friends, family.

I’d love to hear what you think are the critical Millennial career motivators. What’s motivating you now?

Do you align with the above, or do you have a different perspective?