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The State of Millennial​ Mental Health at Work

I have been digitally leafing through ‘The Deloitte Global 2021 Millennial and Gen Z Survey‘ and found it a really interesting and pertinent read. In particular, the facts and stats on the current mental health state of the Millennial generation, specifically relating to their work/career, are pretty stark. Here are some of the highlights: To […]

The critical Millennial career motivators

What is it that makes you feel really motivated now? Next, I wanted to delve a bit deeper to better understand where the interviewees are at when it comes to considering their current career motivators. I had recently read this Forbes article and I was interested to test out some of the theory amongst my […]

4 ways Millennials think about their career

Interviewing Millennials Over the past month I’ve been spending a good number of my evenings interviewing a wide variety of Millennials (those born approx 1980-2000) from a smorgasbord of backgrounds. I started doing this to hone my coaching listening skills, but also to learn and better my appreciation of the real issues that people are […]