Why Autumn is the best time to review your career

Autumn is just around the corner.

According to a comprehensive online data research and analysis project I just undertook*, it symbolises “ripeness, maturity and letting go”. According to the empirical data sources I found (ahem), it is a perfect time to reflect on who we were, who we have become, and who we will be.

It got me thinking about some of my current career coaching clients and the parallels between the work we continue to do together and what is likely to come during our partnership over the coming months.

I’m currently working with clients who have goals to embark on an exciting new career direction in the New Year, but they don’t have clarity on what that new career could be

Over Autumn, we’ll spend time together digging deep into their values, identity and their strengths: when do they feel at their best professionally? This period of time seeks to mature the client’s self-awareness and act as a compass, to guide their next career decision(s).

We’ll also spotlight any limiting beliefs and assumptions they hold about themselves or the working world, that are blocking them from making the career transformation they yearn for. We’ll find ways to let go of these so the New Year will bring about transformational career change.

After Autumn, it’s likely that we will work through what are the exciting new career options now in front of the client, and devise a real plan of action to start making inroads to their new professional life – to which I’ll hold them to account.

Is there a better time of the year to reflect on your career?


*SOURCE: Google, obviously.