Millennial Career Inspiration

So, what are the trends when it comes to Millennial career inspiration?
Strong female leaders

After tackling the topic of motivation, I moved the interviews on to discuss a topic which really caught the interviewees off guard: inspiration. It seems that the Millennials I spoke with were totally comfortable talking about their motivation(s), but as soon as I brought up the topic of inspiration in their career to date, there was a noticeable slide in comfort levels. Most people’s body language changed significantly – bulging eyes, a puff of the cheeks, a big sigh and then, very slowly, they slumped back into their chairs. This was then typically followed by…utter silence. Actually, a total silence. Many turned away from the screen, staring into the distance, lost in thought.

What does this tell us?

It would seem that we just don’t take the opportunity to slow down to stop and think. To really stop and think – so, who does inspire me? What is it that inspires me? We are often so stuck on the treadmill of work/life, that we are neglecting to take a moment to think about our bigger picture.

Here are the two questions I asked, along with a snapshot of some of the answers I received on inspiration…:

  1. Who has inspired you the most in your career to date?

Individuals from within my network, but not immediate colleagues or bosses…

definitely not influencers, big names or celebrity business people…

…organisations that I haven’t worked for or with, but I see they have purpose at their core from afar…

my own contacts who I see treating their career as part of a patchwork of life and not life itself.

Strong female leaders, strong women in business generally

  1. What is inspiring your career?

People who…

go against the flow and don’t do the jobs society expects everyone to do

…enjoy squiggly careers

overcome challenges such as immigration, racism, sexism

…mentor and give their time or resources to or for others

…are further down the same line as me

…display humanity, fairness, empathy and warmth

…have taken the risk to leave their old career path and forged a new one

So, after all of that: who or what is inspiring your next career move? Drop a line below.