Seeking Career Clarity?


Jimi coaches mid-career professionals and leaders to grow and positively transform their career and professional life.

|| Wanting a career change but don’t know where or how to begin?

|| Feeling unfulfilled by your current career path?

|| Lacking a vision for your future career?

|| Struggling with confidence and courage to thrive in your professional life?

|| Overwhelmed with stress, anxiety and feeling close to burnout?

Lucy – Creative Content Director | Marketing & Comms | London

When I started working with Jimi, I was at a really low point with my career confidence. From the outside it looked like I had a good job and was progressing in all the ways you feel you should be, but on the inside I had been unhappy and unfulfilled for well over a year. Keeping up appearances had meant I didn’t talk to anyone about how I really felt, and instead of sitting back and taking stock, I was sending out applications for anything and everything with little thought and, unsurprisingly, little success.

Working with Jimi was the perfect antidote to this. Not only did it give me space to actually think about what I want from a career, but it also gradually built back my confidence and belief that I could do something else. I had so many lightbulb moments in our sessions, and by making me accountable for small tasks each week, Jimi helped me to get to a point where I have options again – and options I am genuinely excited about!

Work together via video calls, or meet in-person.

1. DEFINE your professional identity.
2. REFINE your ideal working environment. Create your bespoke Career Strategy.
3. Take Action and be held to account.

Janek – Senior Strategist | Branding & Communications | London

I can’t recommend Jimi highly enough. Working with Jimi helped me navigate through a low point and emerge with a reason to feel excited about the future and, importantly, lead a more balanced life.

He strikes the right balance across a number of qualities – personality, professionalism, excitement, patience, support, challenge – which really make him the perfect coach. I’d recommend him to anyone and am really grateful to have been coached by him. Thanks Jimi!

Verónica – Founder | Migration & Creativity | Berlin

I first came to Jimi to get clarity in my professional life and define my next steps. Immediately after our initial call, I felt inspired to take action. Jimi listened to both my wishes and fears and adapted perfectly to my specific needs. He offers a compassionate space for curious exploration, with invitations to challenge me wherever I needed it.

In only three months I made great progress towards my goals, and I’m in a completely different place now. I went from confused, lost, and insecure, to motivated, empowered, and hopeful. Working with Jimi helped me feel supported and he was the perfect accountability partner. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to get clarity around their professional life and create a career that is aligned with themselves.

Nicola – Strategy Director | Media | New York

I have found it to be a really refreshing process to talk through many different things with Jimi and to put actions in place for my future career. When I have addressed personal or professional challenges with well-meaning friends and family in the past, their advice is often rooted in emotional or personal agendas. Jimi doesn’t offer any advice, he asks insightful and meaningful questions that I would never think to ask myself. These have helped me quietly make decisions and to act on these decisions of my own accord.

In three months, Jimi has helped me navigate the challenges of coming out the other side of an unintended year-long career break; have the confidence to make a career-change having moved to a new country; and to help me rediscover my confidence, maintain perspective and positivity whilst job hunting in the middle of a pandemic! I am confident I will benefit from these conversations and decisions for many years to come so I really can’t recommend working with Jimi enough

Vanya – Founder | Start-Up EdTech | London

I am so pleased to have connected with Jimi and have him coach me through the stages of my tech start up. His ability to create a reassuring and open environment encourages you to approach the path ahead in a holistic manner, considering not only your desired outcomes (that endless to do list!) but your motivations and day to day strategies. Our weekly sessions gently propelled me forward and gave me the confidence to challenge old habits and grasp new practices and techniques. I always left our sessions as a more focused, a more positive and a much more capable me.


A short bespoke programme designed to support those aiming for a promotion, or a more senior role in their existing industry.

6 hours

From £150/hr


A medium-length bespoke programme designed to help you identify and pivot to a new job or profession.

9 hours

From £140/hr


A full exploration of your values, passions, purpose, motivations and career aspirations. Discover truly fulfilling work.

12 hours

From £125/hr