4 ways Millennials think about their career

Interviewing Millennials

Millennial career interview

Over the past month I’ve been spending a good number of my evenings interviewing a wide variety of Millennials (those born approx 1980-2000) from a smorgasbord of backgrounds. I started doing this to hone my coaching listening skills, but also to learn and better my appreciation of the real issues that people are grappling with and the dreams they’re seeking to achieve in their career, work and/or business. As a Transformational Coach, I’ve found it absolutely fascinating and I can already really see and feel the benefits of my expanded knowledge by the positive impact it’s having on my clients. I cannot thank the interviewees enough for their time – you know who you are!

I requested each interviewee to set aside 90 minutes, to allow them to truly pause, think and reflect on their career, work and/or business. I’ve been asking them to share with me their perspective on the following four themes:

  • Motivation
  • Inspiration
  • Challenges
  • Vision

While each individual’s responses demonstrated their own unique perspective, influenced by their ‘portfolio’ of life and career experiences, it is clear to me that there are definitely some macro trends and patterns emerging.

This blog series will focus on these trends that have emerged from my research.

It has made me ponder: are these trends and patterns particularly time relevant, given the context of the global pandemic; or are they perpetual?